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Salman Rundhawa immigrated to Canada in 2011, embarking on his academic journey with an MBA focused on accounting. Commencing his professional career with Hydro One, he subsequently transitioned to accounting and taxation roles at Diamond Tree Accounting in Barrie. Through dedicated commitment and a strong work ethic, Salman swiftly ascended from a junior accountant to a manager. Additionally, Salman garnered experience at GTA Accounting prior to establishing his own accounting and taxation enterprise, which he named Filing Taxes.

His employment history encompasses engagement with both small-scale enterprises and the big 4 prominent public accounting firms, endowing him with a comprehensive understanding of their operational dynamics and the requisite skill sets therein.

Salman's expertise spans corporate (T2) and personal (T1) income taxation, cross-border tax matters, financial statement preparation and analysis, year-end adjusting entries, accounts payable/receivable management, bank reconciliation, payroll administration, budgeting, and internal controls.

Proficient in a spectrum of software platforms including Caseware, Caseview, Cantax, Taxprep, U-File, QuickBooks, Business Vision, SAP, and ERP, Salman is adept at leveraging technological tools to enhance accounting and taxation processes.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Salman harbors a fervent aspiration to contribute to the success of others, demonstrating a penchant for mentorship and a dedication to knowledge sharing. His affinity for networking underscores his commitment to fostering collaborative relationships within his professional sphere.

Work Experience

  • Tax Partner

    Filing Taxes (December 2020 – Present)

    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

  • Assistant Manager

    Madan Chartered Accountant (June 2016 – December 2020)

    Mississauga, ON

  • Senior Staff Accountant and T1 Supervisor

    Madan Chartered Accountant (February 2016 – June 2016)


  • Staff Accountant

    HR Accounting Professional Corporation (August 2015 – January 2016)

    Toronto, ON

  • Accountant

    PwC Canada (January 2015 – July 2015)

    North York, ON, Canada

  • Tax Accountant

    Diamond Tree Accounitng Inc. (September 2013 – October 2014)

    Barrie, ON

  • Assistant Inventory Specialist

    Hydro One (January 2013 – August 2013)

    Barrie, Canada

  • Assistant Accountant

    America’s Best Inn and Suites (July 2012 – December 2012)

    Niagara Falls, Canada

  • Assistant Branch Manager

    Brit International Education Services (February 2010 – July 2011)

    Lahore, Pakistan

  • Assistant Accountant

    Interloop Limited (September 2007 – January 2010)

    Faisalabad, Pakistan


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Accounting

    Brock University (2011 – 2012)

  • Master of Business and Information Technology, Marketing

    University of the Punjab, Lahore (2005 – 2007)

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Accounting and Computer Science

    University of the Punjab, Lahore (2003 – 2007)

Books By Salman Rundhawa

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