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Your law practice is a business just like any other. You have revenue, expenses, taxes, and much more. Managing your small law firm’s finances can seem like a huge task in the fast-paced, demanding world of law. It's best to work with a Professional Accounting Firm in Toronto that has deep experience in trust accounts and experience working with PC Law software.

Whatever your size or area of practice, Filing Taxes constantly strives to provide solutions suited to help your firm thrive and succeed using PC Law Accounting Services. Hiring our PC Law accounting services in Toronto you’ll streamlining your firm’s financial management, freeing up your time to focus on what truly matters- practicing law. Your journey toward optimal financial management starts here.

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Revamp Your PC Law Accounts Management with Filing Taxes in Toronto

Filing Tax PCLaw expert accountants in Toronto provide a full cycle, flexible legal accounting solution that automates the management of trust accounts, increases profitability by capturing more billable time, improves your billing cycle, and effectively and efficiently manages your accounts receivable, collections, and payables. 

Our PCLaw accounting services will take care of all the tools you need to manage your trusted accounts. Our accountants in Toronto can easily monitor trust account activity and keep everyone in compliance with trust account regulations. Prevent abuse of trust accounts and maintain accurate records of transactions and transfers.

Our managed PC Law accounting services in Toronto are tailored to fit your needs so that you will never be without the assistance of a professional accountant. We make it easy to manage your trust accounts, including trust to general transfers and offer effective matter-level and high-level trust reporting.

Our Service Area covers Toronto, Mississauga, as well as other locations throughout Canada. 

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How Filing Taxes Accounting Services Liaison with PC Law Software in Toronto

Managing client documents, trust accounts, and so many other things with the PC Law software tool is a breeze. PC Law is one of the top legal accounting software because of how efficient and effective its trust accounting features are.

Despite the fact you become accustomed to your account structure within PC Law, it may not be tax efficient. When it comes to accounting services, we take a consultative approach to help you get the information you need to make vital decisions. On top of that, our tax services help you maximize your tax refunds.


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Our PC Law Accounting services equip your firm with essential legal accounting capabilities. 

  • Writing checks and receiving client payments. 
  • Handling client trust funds confidently with built-in accounting safeguards. 
  • Reconcile trust and general bank accounts easily.
  • Manage accounts receivable and payables. 
  • Process the firm’s payroll and prepare federal and state tax forms securely.
  • Variety of reports to monitor your firm’s finances and client work 
  • Business Financial statements. 
  • Productivity reports 
  • General ledger activity. 
  • Reducing the re-work and cost often associated with data entry into multiple systems.

With our PC law accounting services in Toronto manage your law firm’s finances with less time spent on billing and more time devoted to your clients. Take the hassle out of accounts management of your Law Firm. Contact our expert accountants in Toronto Today!

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