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Filing Taxes is a professional company providing accounting and bookkeeping services in Canada. We are here to offer comprehensive services to restaurants. Partnering with professional accountants will save your money and time.

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Scale your restaurant with a finance and accounting team you can trust.

Managing a restaurant is hard work! Giving each customer an amazing dining experience takes hard work and focus.

We have decades of experience in restaurant bookkeeping and operations. The Restaurant Industry is our bread and butter. Our experienced team of restaurant accounting services professionals understands the unique needs of your business. Our restaurant accounting system furnishes clear and correct daily financial reports, seamless payroll process, and books always ready for timely tax filing. Our accounting system for restaurants is the leading choice for many of Canada’s most popular establishments.

Filing Taxes offers full-spectrum accounting services to restaurants including accounts payable, sales audit, managed payroll, accounts receivable, general accounting, and a full accounting systems infrastructure.

Our prime locations are in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, and Oakville. Also, through our cloud accounting services, we can assist restaurants anywhere in Canada.

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The Importance of Accounting to a Restaurant

Accounting has always been about translating complexity into clarity. The success of your restaurant business greatly depends on the accuracy of your financial records. Regardless of the size of your business, accounting helps in providing information showing where your business is headed. You can determine whether you are running a profitable business or measures that need to be taken to achieve better financial outcomes.

Every business is required to be compliant with the laws of the land and taxation policies. Proper restaurant accounting ensures that your liabilities are paid and recorded on time. This includes statutory requirements like payment of sales tax, GST, and income tax. You will be able to manage and monitor cash flow to ensure that money within your business is being directed to the right channels.

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Accurate, Stress-free Accounting Services for Restaurants

Restaurant accounting comprises so many aspects critical to running a restaurant business. It’s the daily pressure of the finances that burdens you above all else. Margins are tight, making cost control and revenue collection a priority.

Our team of experts will fill the gaps in bookkeeping, payables, and payroll, letting you focus on good food and great service.

We provide restaurant accounting services for growth-driven owners. Our scope of service covers expert management of financial accounting paired with the service of ongoing education and guidance.

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Accurate Financials

We're betting you got into the restaurant business because you love delivering good food and great experiences, and not to master the art of bookkeeping and cash flow management. But if you don't closely monitor expenses and margins, assess your prime cost, and continuously operate efficiently, the restaurant can quickly turn into a losing proposition. Receiving timely financial reporting is crucial so that restaurant owners, chefs, and managers can make decisions to improve prime costs, operational expenses, and the bottom line.

Let Filing Taxes handle your monthly cash flow, balance sheet, and income statements to give you the insights you need to run a better business.

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