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Our professional accountant can assist you in working systematically for reporting the tax statements for Not For Profit Taxes Toronto and let you focus on your business activities.

We guide not-for-profit groups through tax-exempt status applications for compliance.
Our support ensures proper recording of tax-deductible donations, enhancing donor relationships.
Accurate financial reports uphold accountability and transparency for regulatory and stakeholder expectations.
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Non-Profit Financial Management: Expert Solutions

for Societies, Groups, and Clubs

Many societies, groups, and clubs do not operate for profit, but they still need to record their financial statements and file taxes for the same. At Filing Taxes, we have the professionals who are trained and skilled to deal with the NPOs. These Not for Profit Organizations also incur the same expenses as payroll expenses, daily rentals and other utilities similar to those of other businesses. The money collections for donations and claims are also collected by these NPO’s. Understanding the treatments of revenues and profits for NPO is also important to provide effective solutions for preparing financial statements and tax reports.

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Unique Financial Model: Non-Profit

Companies and Their Objectives

In the case of non- profit companies, the profits earned are not distributed among shareholders; in fact, they are utilized to fulfill the organization’s social objectives or remain invested in the organization. Unlike the other businesses, these companies don’t decide about reinvesting their revenues or profits in their business’ stock payments or paying the dividends and bonuses. However, these organizations work differently as compared to other businesses. An NPO accounting firm in Mississauga will certify the preparation of income statements and file tax reports according to the regulations framed by CRA.

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Guidelines Framed By


The Revenue Agency of Canada doesn’t impose any taxes on non-profit organizations. Moreover, the NPOs are not allowed to spend their income in providing benefits to its partners. The main purpose of operating these corporations is the welfare of society. The revenue obtained by these companies is utilized by making payments for the employees, board managers. However, the rest of the money is capitalized as the management retains cash and assets for further use. Accounting professionals in Canada have the required knowledge and a good experience regarding accounting and tax reporting for NPOs that can help you in getting things right and accomplish your social welfare objectives. At the year-end, every non-profit organization must file an information return and corporate tax return (T2 form). We have experienced professional accountants who will help you prepare the accounting books and tax returns for NPO using a systematic approach. There is nothing to worry about while working with highly trained and experienced accountants in Toronto.

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Need Help In Tax Return Preparation For An NPO

Although an NPO is exempted from tax payments as allowed by the Canadian Revenue Agency, you just have to fill out the T1044 form and submit it with CRA. But you must know about the process of filing the tax returns for a non-profit organization. However, outsourcing with an accounting tax firm Mississauga will help you prepare and file the NPO’s tax returns in the correct time frame. At Filing Taxes, we will guide you through the tax return preparation and filing according to the laws.

Get Help In Funds Management

The Canadian Non-profit Corporations Act has framed a set of regulations to help you understand the treatment of various financial transactions for NPOs. The financial statements of NPOs are prepared manually and provided to the partners for a complete review. These statements are prepared as per the accounting procedures and policies that are followed in Canada. Filing Taxes has an expert team with the required knowledge and experience that is needed for the preparation of financial statements professionally and make it all according to the regulations framed by CRA.

Foreign Tax Deductions and Rebates (FBAR)

For filing and payment of taxes in Canada and the collection of the respective credits and deductions in the U.S. tax returns, you must require a bit of expert advice. If you’re a U.S. resident with a green card or self-employed citizen or an immigrant, you must fill your details in the form 1040 on an annual basis while earning a handsome income. Yet it can only be possible if you’re working with a professional accounting tax firm in Canada. You can also benefit yourself with the social security agreement between the U.S. and Canada for more exemptions. But the possibility of availing these advantages will be provided only if you have fully disclosed the exemptions in the 1040 Form.

Other than these exemptions, you can file an additional tax report to claim these deductions if you’re entitled to do so, or you own mutual funds in Canada. These tax deductions and rebates can also be claimed if you’re eligible for any of these Canadian services:

  • Registered Pension Plans (RPPs)
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSPs)
  • Tax-Free Savings Account (TFAs)
  • Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)

Seek The Guidance For

Establishing An NPO

Are you wondering of establishing a non-profit corporation, you can seek guidance from Filing Taxes. Our tax advisors will make sure about all the requirements regarding the preparation and filing of the accounting and tax statements, respectively. You must consider the unique requirements for the Canadian provinces while establishing an NPO. Let’s understand this by way of an illustration. Suppose you are incorporating an NPO, you need to fill out the Form 4001 and 4002, article of incorporation of an NPO, details of the board directors and submit these forms timely.

Most importantly, the NPO must be created by following the incorporation rules and regulations framed by CRA. These regulatory laws will also address significant corporation methods such as bookkeeping and accounting, tax filing, and other record-keeping processes. Being a professional accounting firm in Toronto, we can help you in framing these laws that are involved in recording the financial activities of the firm. Our professional accountant will guide you all through this process and also for implementing the regulatory laws properly.

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