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Whether you’re a Canadian doing business outside of Canada or investing in foreign property, a United States citizen living in Canada, or a foreigner investing in Canada, cross-border tax considerations are an important piece of your financial puzzle. Comprehending and navigating cross-border tax policies can be a challenging, yet essential process. 

When choosing your cross-border tax team, its members must be fully conversant with tax rules on BOTH sides of the border. Too often, individuals engage practitioners on either side of the border who simply give you ONE side of the equation, leaving you with more questions than when you started.

Say goodbye to cross-border tax filing headaches. 

Filing Taxes Accounting Firm will help you navigate the murky waters of cross-border taxation and arrive at workable solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

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Delivering Expert Canada-US Cross Border Tax Compliance Services and Advice

For corporations and individuals who travel between the US and Canada, working through applicable tax obligations can often become so complex and convoluted that even profitable plans become seemingly undesirable. 

If you require personal and cross-border tax services in Toronto and the surrounding areas, Filing Taxes can help. We carry vast experience with US and cross-border tax services, and our team stays on top of tax guidelines and regulations in both the United States and Canada. 

Filing Taxes is a full-service professional cross-border tax accountant in Toronto. Our firm specializes in providing tax preparation services for US and Canadian citizens living cross-border in the US, Canada, and abroad. We offer over a decade of experience in providing a broad range of professional cross-border tax services for individuals, businesses, executives, Expats, investors, and independent professionals.

At Filing Taxes, our accountants in Toronto are cross-border tax consultants to a range of clients, from people looking to move to or from Canada to investors deploying capital abroad, to entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business into the US.

Particularly with the complexities associated with cross-border tax regulations and the significant penalties for non-compliance, it is imperative to strategically and proactively manage both corporate and personal taxation requirements to prevent outsized tax liabilities or double taxation and avoid costly penalty fees.

Our team has tax expertise on both sides of the border and can assist with your US and Canadian cross-border tax questions.

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Drive Your Ambition Forward with Our Cross-Border Tax Services

You envision cross-border success, and we provide customized strategies and expert guidance for thriving in international markets. Our experienced team of accountants in Toronto comprised of leaders who have lived and worked internationally, understands the obstacles of cross-border business. We empathize with your frustration and are here to guide you through these challenges, giving you the confidence to move forward.

Our expert accountants in Toronto help to navigate the requirements of complex foreign tax regimes. From assisting individuals and businesses with cross-border tax filing and reporting obligations to offering valuable tax planning services and strategies, we work directly with our clients to find the best taxation result. As specialists in this area, our cross-border tax services encompass the following verticals:

  • Determination of residency for income tax purposes
  • US Tax Returns: Preparation of Form 1040 and Form 1040NR
  • Tax Returns for Canadasn Citizens Residing in the US
  • Resident aliens, green card holders, Canadian citizens, and US citizens
  • IRS and CRA issues & Tax controversy issues
  • SSN/ITIN number 
  • Canada US Income Tax Convention (Treaty)
  • FBAR form, FinCEN Report 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts
  • FACTA compliance (Reporting of financial accounts) outside of the US
  • FIRPTA compliance (Property)
  • Foreign tax credits
  • RRSP & RRIF (New Legislation)
  • PFIC (Passive Foreign Investment Company)
  • ECI (Effectively Connected Income)
  • FDAP (Fixed or Determinable Annual or Periodical income) withholdings
  • Non-resident tax compliance and planning for non-resident individuals and/or corporations 
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Engage Our Cross-Border Tax Accountants in Toronto as Your Trusted Guide in Six Easy Steps!

At Filing Taxes, our skilled accountants in Toronto have developed a proven, stress-free approach that ensures our cross-border tax submissions are filed correctly – and on time – on both sides of the border. 

  1. Schedule an introductory meeting to discuss your goals and challenges.
  2. Submit documents securely.
  3. We will provide you with a customized strategy for how to overcome your challenges.
  4. Our expert accountant in Toronto prepares your tax return 
  5. Review and e-sign proposal
  6. We execute the strategy together! We file and you pay
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How can a Cross-Border Accountant Help with Cross-Border Tax Planning and Compliance

A cross-border financial advisor can help manage individuals’ international portfolios and assist in meeting their goals efficiently and effectively. A knowledgeable cross-border expert accountant in Toronto will have a thorough understanding of both the U.S. and Canadian tax systems and the U.S./Canada tax treaty between both countries, allowing clients to help maximize deductions and credits for minimizing taxes paid on both sides of the border. Additionally, a cross-border financial advisor in Toronto may be able to suggest qualified retirement plans that could help save on taxes while simultaneously building long-term wealth.

The tax landscape can be overwhelming to many. Our specialized cross-border accountants in Toronto are adept at guiding clients through such daunting challenges, across industries. We have the resources and skills needed to help businesses of all sizes understand their tax needs, both locally and cross-border.

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Who Can Benefit from Our Cross-Border Tax Planning and Compliance Services

  • Individuals who are U.S. citizens or residents and have Canadian investments or income, or Canadian citizens or residents who have U.S. investments or income.
  • Expatriates who have relocated from one country to the other and have financial interests in both countries.
  • Employees of multinational corporations who work in both the U.S. and Canada.
  • Business owners with cross-border operations or investments.
  • Dual citizens of both countries who have tax obligations in both jurisdictions.
  • Non-residents who have U.S. or Canadian source income.
  • Estates with assets located in both countries.

By taking Filing Taxes on board for U.S.-Canada cross-border tax planning, these individuals and entities can ensure compliance with tax laws in both countries, reduce tax liabilities, and optimize their financial situation. Bottom line, U.S.-Canada cross-border tax planning is crucial for anyone with cross-border financial interests or obligations between the two countries to ensure they meet their obligations while minimizing their tax burden.

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