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We’re a Canadian Chartered Professional Accounting firm providing one-stop accounting and tax solutions to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

We have a team of qualified, client-focused accountants who use modern accounting methods to make tax filing easy. We aim to mentor our clients financially long-term, not just for one job. We consult with all clients year-round and offer advice on issues. Our CPAs provide expert advice on the trends, challenges, and solutions in every sector we serve.

Having a trusted accountant by your side can feel like a great burden has been lifted off your shoulders. Here’s where we shine; let our financial wizards handle the numbers!
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Full Spectrum Services — Accounting, Tax, Audit & Advisory Services

Your needs change as constantly as the world around you — and we meet them with the deep-rooted industry knowledge, technical acumen, resources, expert guidance, and advanced technologies necessary not only to succeed but to achieve more.

At Filing Taxes, we cover an array of individual & corporate accounting and tax services. We are not simply a service provider, but a firm that works in partnership with its clients.

We ensure every conversation we have, every milestone we set, and every service we provide is unfolding more diverse prospects for our clients.
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Outsourced Bookeeping Services

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services to Fit Your Needs

We're not just keeping your books; we're crafting your next investment pitch. Our bookkeeping and accounting services bring accuracy and weight to your numbers.

For complete peace of mind, leave your business bookkeeping and accounting to our qualified experts at Filing Taxes. We’ll make sure your books are updated, squeaky clean, and nothing falls through the cracks.
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Let us handle your day-to-day financial record-keeping. We'll accurately track income, expenses, reconcile accounts, and provide clear reports. Focus on your business while we ensure your books are organized and ready for tax time.
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Corporate Tax & Accounting
Our experts navigate complex corporate tax regulations, ensuring compliance and maximizing deductions. We'll prepare and file returns strategically, minimizing your tax burden so you can reinvest in your company's growth.
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Personal Tax Filing
Navigating tax forms can be stressful. We simplify the process, ensuring you report all income, claim eligible deductions, and maximize your refund. Avoid costly errors and get the most out of your tax return.
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Tax Consultation
Get proactive, personalized tax advice tailored to your unique situation. Whether you're an individual, a business owner, or facing complex tax questions, our consultation will help you understand your options and make informed financial decisions.
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Serving Toronto & Mississauga for Over a Decade

We are industry Leaders in Toronto and Mississauga, committed to the excellence you deserve!

It’s been over a decade for Filing taxes to be a successful member of the business advisory and accounting network in Toronto and Mississauga. In today’s complex financial and business world, everyone needs reliable, professional help managing their personal and business finances. Filing taxes is your go-to destination for professional accounting services. We are more than just an ‘accountant near me’; we are a team of experts who excel in the complex realm of accounting and taxation.

Our team of professional accountants works across all industry sectors and business sizes — small businesses and multinationals. Our services extend beyond traditional accounting, focusing on delivering a comprehensive suite of services that encompasses but is not limited to corporate tax returns, financial statements, tax filing, international and real estate tax, and advisory services.

We have clients in Brampton, Toronto, Barrie, Mississauga, and throughout Ontario. We serve to adhere to our vision to be the most trusted advisory platform for accounting and business services across Canada.
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Chartered Professional Accountants

We’re more than just a tax and accounting firm. The name Filing Taxes refers to a forward-thinking team with intricate knowledge and rich experience striving to provide the highest level of accounting and tax services to untangle your finances and start a journey of growth and long-term success.

The firms' expert accountants have been providing accounting and tax services to a large and diversified client base building a wealth of knowledge that makes us one of the leading Chartered Professional Accountants in Canada.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in our hardworking team and the exceptional services we offer. Our professional accountants will give you proactive suggestions and approaches — not only box shifting and form filling.
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What our Clients are Saying

Rawal Iftikhar
Rawal Iftikhar
Good service 👍
Fabiola Miguel
Fabiola Miguel
Very good tax consulting services!
Atul Kumar
Atul Kumar
They did my personal and corporate tax, and am really happy with their servive
Chris McClure
Chris McClure
They did a great job on my corporate taxes for the past two years!
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Small & Medium Businesses

We can help your small business grow into an industry giant while minimizing your tax burden.

In today’s competitive business world, it is not easy for a small business to beat the intense competition without professional assistance.  At Filing Taxes, we believe an accountant should do more than just balance your books. Entrepreneurs in Toronto and beyond have trusted us for decades when it comes to small business accounting and tax planning. 

Our fully managed small business accounting service removes the stress associated with managing accounts and tax compliance. Our professional accountants free up valuable time for you to focus on what you do best: running your business. 
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Startups & Entrepreneurs

Launching a startup is a thrilling and daunting endeavor.

Our expert startup accountants are always your right-hand advisors to provide tailored support for startups. You won’t be just another client to us. We’ll give you a personal service built around you and your business’s needs.

We will equip you with everything you need to kick-start and grow your startup on a smooth path.
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International Companies

Filing Taxes international end-to-end tax platform empowers businesses of all sizes to do business anywhere, anytime - without friction. Our skilled team crafts customized tax solutions that consider your specific operations, ensuring that you leverage every available opportunity for tax savings in the global landscape.
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Why Clients Choose Us

Optimized tax structure

We can help to reduce your tax liabilities by optimizing your current tax structure. It includes performing tax health checks for clients, identifying, and mitigating tax inefficiencies and leaks, eliminating the risk of double taxation and more.

Expert Advice and Individual Attention

We place people at the center of everything we do. We work closely with our clients, and we are sincerely committed to their success. Our diverse and experienced teams provide expert, innovative, and practical solutions to achieve our client’s business and personal goals and aspirations.

Only Pay for The Service You Need

Our clients pay for the services they want or need and nothing more —We don’t believe in pre-set, fixed groups of services. Our clients are too important to ask them to pay for services they are unlikely to ever use. Instead, we work with them to select an exact set of services that is right for them.

Trusted & Professional Accountants

Our highly qualified team is more than good with numbers. It’s about redefining how we help our clients to succeed. It means going beyond what you would expect from any other firm.

Hassle-free tax compliance

We make sure to prepare, calculate and file your returns accurately and on-time, helping you always stay compliant and avoid penalties or late fees.

We always exercise quality

Our strength is forged in our diverse experience and jargon-free recommendations to improve your business’s bottom line and personal net worth.

Approachable Team

Our team is responsive, and never too busy to answer your calls or emails.
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Salman Rundhawa, MBA
Adeel Asim, ACCA
Tax Manager
Khila Raj Pokhrel, CA
Tax Manager



How A Professional Tax Accounting Firm Helps Small Business?

Hiring a professional accounting firm can play an important role in supporting businesses, and it can handle all financial matters from tax to payroll to sustain a growing business. By engaging with an accounting firm, you can have more peace of mind and focus on developing your business. It will save you time, provide expert guidance, and ensure compliance with tax laws to avoid penalties.

Do Small Businesses Need an Accountant Year-Round?

Often you will hear small business owners talking about the need for an accountant at tax time. Remember, tax time is too late to start planning for your small business taxes. But tax planning isn’t the only reason accountants want to meet with their clients before the end of the year. There are certain compliance issues—such as payroll tax underpayments—that are much easier fixed before the final reports for the year are filed.

How much does an accountant cost in Toronto?

The cost of an accountant depends upon their experience level, the depth of your accounting requirements, and the time required to complete the work.

Do most small business owners do their own accounting?

In the earliest stages of getting a business off the ground, it’s common for business owners to handle financial details. As a small business owner, even if you have an accounting skill set and desire to do it yourself, it probably isn’t the best use of your time. Hiring an accountant should be at the top of your list to save you time — a great investment that can help your small business grow.

When should I hire a full-time accountant?

Accounting should be a part of your business from the beginning. However, hiring a full-time accountant can wait until your business grows. Many small business owners handle accounting in the early stages of the business. Hiring a full-time accountant differs for each business depending on the volume and complexity of its financials, reconciliations, and transactions.

How much do you charge for tax accounting services?

At Filing Taxes, we offer clear pricing – Transparent, competitive pricing with no hidden fees or surprises. We customize our service packages to cater to the client’s requirements and budget. We provide free consultations to understand your requirements and provide you with a quote for our modified service package so we can better understand the price of services. Get in contact with us right now to schedule your consultation.

What services does a tax accounting firm in Toronto and Mississauga offer?

From accounting to advisory, our services are your roadmap to financial excellence. Your financial goals matter to us. At Filing Taxes, we are not just your tax preparers. We are your advisors, your partners, and your source of knowledge when it comes to taxes and accounting. Whether you’re planning for the future or navigating present challenges, our team is here to offer guidance and solutions that resonate with your needs.



5770 Hurontario St Suite 102
Mississauga, ON L5R 3G5
401 Bay Street, Suite 1600,
Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4, Canada
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