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Real Estate Tax

Filing Taxes will provide extraordinary quality service in the real estate tax. Our Professional Accountant will carry out calculations with severe conformity to the tax authorities.

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We Manage Your Accounts, You Manage Your Real Estate

Our real estate financial specialists are devotedly helping property managers and owners stress less and earn more. We have built a specialized team of experts through years of work in real estate. Readily available to offer consultation on how different changes might affect your plans going forward. We have many years of experience working as tax professionals for real estate throughout Canada, which gives us an edge to negotiate deals between our clients and the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

With a decade of real estate tax accounting and consultancy experience, Filing Taxes has become a kingpin in the Toronto and Mississauga real estate industry for accounting and tax services. The multi-faceted nature of Filing Taxes allows our tax accounting firm to specialize in this industry on a micro-level. By concentrating on tax structuring for investors, real estate agents, brokers, developers, and property managers, Filing Taxes can cater to the uniqueness of each division to ensure maximum tax efficiency.

What Are Real Estate Taxes?

In the fast-paced real estate world, you’re on the hook for taxes on real property, income, and capital gains. But several deductions can help lower your tax bill. Owning property in Canada can be highly profitable if you understand the Canadian tax laws which are associated with real estate investments. From attracting initial capital to facilitating a successful exit, every real estate-related transaction and decision has tax implications. These issues have both tax compliance and planning implications that should not be ignored.

The cyclical nature of the real estate industry has created many challenges for owners, operators, developers, syndicators, brokers, and real estate corporations. The potential impact on the profitability of real estate investments makes it imperative to manage and mitigate your real estate taxes. Real estate is very much a tax-driven industry and we can help homeowners and real estate investors take advantage of numerous tax breaks that reduce the amount they owe.

Does Accounting Help With Real Estate?

Accounting helps real estate investors to structure their operations and investments in a tax-efficient manner. Real estate accounting comprises financial reports and records for all real estate transactions, which may include rentals, property sales, time-sharing, and leases. Based on regular reports, real estate investors can derive realistic and effective financial and investment strategies.

Do I Need An Accountant For Real Estate?

Business structuring, financial management, tax planning, and tax preparation are vital aspects of the real estate business that must be handled diligently. Smart investors outdo the rest of the competition by enlisting the services of professional real estate accountants. Hiring real estate accounting experts can save you lots of money in your investment pursuits.

Choosing the right real estate accountant in Toronto and Mississauga will take the burden of organizing your finances off your shoulders and help you focus on more important tasks like buying and selling properties!

Do I need an accountant for capital gains tax?

Many landlords and property investors are not familiar with how to offset real estate capital gains tax effectively, this often leads to tax bills being much larger than they ought to be.

Capital gains made in the real estate industry often considerably exceed the available tax-free allowances. Here careful planning and expert advice will ensure that transactions are structured as tax-efficiently as possible to minimize any capital gains tax that may occur. There are several tax reliefs available to offset capital gains tax on the disposal of properties. Whilst applications of the rules can be complex, our expert tax advisors can advise on how to structure such disposals effectively to minimize capital gains tax bills.

Our Real Estate Accounting and Tax Services

Accounting and Consulting:

  • Optimize your accounting and finance functions with the best technology
  • A team of tax professionals keeping you on track
  • On-time and accurate reporting of the sale of the property
  • Keeping up with tax obligations on real estate sale purchases
  • Transparent reporting adds clarity to your decision making
  • Seasoned experts help you scale your real estate holdings,
  • Accounting and Audit
  • Rental property advice to set up corporations 
  • Commercial property optimization
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Cost segregation analysis
  • Help you make smart real estate investment decisions

Tax Planning and Preparation

  • Creative strategies that save you thousands in taxes
  • Personal tax filing of rental income
  • Help non-residents fulfill their Canadian real estate tax obligations.
  • Scenario planning and estimates help you know how much tax liability to expect 
  • Our technology makes tax preparation a breeze
  • No "waiting until the last minute" to file
  • Multiple levels of review ensure high quality
  • Help create a tax planning strategy that allows you to legally keep as much money as possible

The Difference You Will Experience With Us

  • Personalized service and attention
  • A no-hassle conversation about your practice value
  • Specialized services in accounting and tax returns for real estate agents 
  • We thrive to enable your business to be more financially savvy and secure.
  • Structure tax efficient entities for various real estate activities
  • Conduct a portfolio analysis

Real Estate Tax and Accounting Services That Give You The Confidence To Grow Your Real Estate Venture

Get yourself straightened out in the beginning with real estate experts at Filing Taxes, and you'll do great in your real estate business. Accounting for real estate agents isn't much different than accounting for any small business, but it's different enough that you need experienced representation to make progress. 

Filing Taxes is assisting Mississauga and Toronto real estate developers, investors, and real estate agents to implement the best tax strategies and enhance the value of their real estate holdings. Working with real estate developers, owners, investors, commercial and residential brokers, and property managers, our real estate services team has extensive knowledge and experience to help you achieve your business goals. 

We know how competitive and fast-paced the real estate industry is, so our real estate tax consultants in Mississauga and Toronto will provide the latest information, anticipate needs, and offer solutions that clients might not have considered. Experience the difference our real estate accountants can make for your business.