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Professional Accounting Firm In Mississauga

A Professional Accounting Firm provides multiple services that are required to handle the different business activities like accounting and tax filings. At Filing Taxes, a Professional Accounting Corporation, we have professional accountant who will assist you in meeting your financial and tax requirements.

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Our Professional Accounting Is Here to Help


Filing Taxes will provide you with accurate and precise financial records of your company that are perfect for making wise decisions.
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We'll plan your taxes to minimize the liability and maximize you. No matter who it is, our experts are here for all of us!
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Filing taxes is a necessary step for any company in building its financial structure, which increases profits and efficiency.
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Professional Accounting Firm In Mississauga

Canadian businesses have to file their income tax returns for each financial year within the stipulated time. There are many reasons why you should offload your accounting and taxation job onto a professional accountant, one being that it is difficult with such tight deadlines! Filing Taxes is an experienced tax firm in the city of Mississauga. We understand your individual filing requirements and work according to applicable laws for us to provide you with professional services at competitive rates that are tailored around what's best for YOU!

Filing Tax Services is here to offer you personalized service, giving your financial future a boost while also relieving any worries about how best handle the pesky paperwork details.

The individuals who have to file their tax returns will be able to get the details according to T1 income sources and applicable taxes for a personal Income. We can help you with employment related financial year revence, so that it is easier on your shoulders!

We help the small businesses in filing taxes, depending on business structures like sole proprietorship and partnership firms have to report their income statements according to tax returns for T1 personal return. We consider you as equal with your company so we work with them together! The package of T1 income tax return is a comprehensive list that includes all the professional activities included in your business's revenue.

Important Documents Required

The report of income for the incorporated businesses is filed as per the T2 corporate tax returns. Such businesses are considered as a separate entity in comparison with the business owner and his business. So it is their duty to file their own tax return. It includes some important documents like -

  • Receipts for Medical and dental treatment payments
  • RRSP contribution slips
  • T3 ( for the income from charitable Trusts)
  • T4 slips (for the employees and having a business income)
  • T4A (for the commissions earned and self-employed individuals)
  • T5 (for income in investments)
  • T5013 (for the income in partnership firms)

Business & Personal Tax Accountant

The hiring of a professional for filing the business tax returns is essential. Not only does it ensure that you are in compliance with all regulations, but a single entry can result in huge penalties payable and statutory notices from Canada Revenue Agency if missed! At Filing Taxes, we know how to make sure that your business gets the deductions and tax rebates it deserves. Our professional accountant is trained in all of these things so you don't have an worries when filing for yourself or any other company at home!.

Some applicable deductions are:

  • Gifts presented to employees.
  • Experimental development and Scientific research deductions for business involved in research and development.
  • Home renovation and transfer of ownership for business including home based owners.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is the institution that defines all rules for vehicle business expenses, travel related expenses and marketing fees. We are familiar with these regulations because our company follows them closely to ensure you pay no more or less than what's owed when it comes time tax season rolls around!.

Bookkeeping Services In Mississauga

Our team is dedicated to helping small and large businesses as they grow. If your company reaches a certain size, we offer comprehensive bookkeeping services that will ensure you can focus on what really matters. Our services include such as:

  • Financial forecasting and budgeting

  • We will help you plan your finances so that they are in the best possible position for success. We have experts on staff who can give advice on how to grow or expand their business while also taking into account any major expenses that may come up, such as hiring employees and their wages.

  • Preparation of Bank reconciliation statements

  • The bookkeeping accountants will help you in making a true and fair comparison between your account books with the ability to view both QuickBooks as well as bank statements.You may opt to make your payments on the annual, semi-annual or monthly basis depending upon how often and when money is needed from us.

  • Accounts and bills payable

  • You can easily pay your bills through online banking methods like cheques, debit and credit cards. But you may not be familiar with the various methods that are out there for recording these transactions properly. Unfortunately, the growing business can't take on your bills. So let us help you with this!.

  • Invoicing and receipts receivable

  • We help businesses receive payments and record them properly with invoices. We will send you an annual report for those who owe us money so that we can be sure they're paid in full!

  • Financial reporting

  • The main objective of bookkeeping is to give a clear idea about the financial position and future plans for your business. It's one way you can plan ahead, so it must be done well! Our bookkeeping service providers in Mississauga will provide financial reports for your income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements. You can rest easy knowing that we have this covered with us! We can prepare a variety of financial reports for businesses in order to provide them with the information they need about their profitability, efficiency and effectiveness. For this reason we also offer dashboards.

Other Bookkeeping Services In Mississauga

We provide other bookkeeping services such as-

  • Bookkeeping in quick books
  • Preparing journals and ledgers
  • Preparing income statement and trial balances
  • Reconciliation of employees salary
  • Nonprofit- friendly bookkeeping and accounting.

Specialists In Incorporation

At Filing Taxes, we provide all of the necessary resources to incorporate your small business. We can help you through any of the most commonly used methods for incorporating a company in Canada--whether it's as an individuals or nonprofit-friendly firm with specific requirements! We will also help you file articles of incorporation with the government.

There is a 60-day time limit for the government to receive your incorporation notice and start pursuing services that will be of use. We will do our best to make sure the process of dissolution is carried out according to your wishes, no matter what happens.

HST Net files

Canada's provincial governments have come together to form a new tax policy, the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). The HST is an agreement between Canada’s various provinces that institutes systematized sales taxes in each province with input from both Goods and Services Taxes provided by Canadian Federal Government as well.In Ontario, a new 13% HST has been implemented to replace the old PST. We will ensure you're paying what's owed and keep track of all your tax liabilities so that we can file with proper records for collection purposes!

We also offer other services that can be beneficial to you, such as calculating tax liabilities and receiving a free consultation.

Our experienced accounting professionals in downtown Mississauga can help you file your HST or GST returns while making sure the business remits any taxes to Canada Revenue Agency.The law says you have to pay the HST for reporting periods, but we can help with filing your return within the time limits. No delays! We will also calculate the expenses related to HST/GST Returns that qualify you for a tax credit. We'll exclude any ineligible expenses from your business, so it's easy and comprehensive!


Tax Management & Consultancy Services Mississauga

We will guide you through the internal audits and evaluation of reports to help improve efficiency. We can also build great strategies for tax accounting in Mississauga, as well as allocate resources more efficiently. We work with a diverse set of clients in the accounting and audit industry. We offer services that include internal audits for newly established firms, as well as independent Chartered Accountants in Mississauga.

Our employees are trained to provide a structured approach for evaluating and improving the business' performance, such as

  • Establishing effective and efficient controls.
  • Prevention of any frauds and risks with regular investigations.
  • Ensuring proper and timely operations to save the assets and resources.
  • Preparing reliable reports and managing reports.
  • Securing the confidential information in the computer systems and softwares used by the business.
  • Compliance with the statutory rules and regulations.