Accounting Solutions For Startups

Our comprehensive accounting solutions for startups can help in the preparation of financial statements and tax filings for your startup business and manage its growth effectively.

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Why are Accounting Services Important For Your Startup?

There are many challenges faced by new businesses and startups. Starting a new business needs complete research and planning. You are required to find out the best ways to run and manage it properly. Filing Taxes is the leading accounting firm that provides bookkeeping services, payroll services, tax filings and preparation of financial statements for your startup business.

We totally understand that revenue and funding play an important role in the early days of your new business where one wrong financial decision can make you lose everything. Also, running a business requires various financial activities that cannot be done without a professional accountant. You probably cannot handle the accounting paperwork along with the administrative tasks.

With our excellent startup accounting services, we make sure that we handle all your financial statements and records so that you can focus on your business requirements completely. Our professional accountants ensure that your small business is running effectively and smoothly.

Affordable Startup Accounting Solutions

Filing Taxes understands that it is difficult for most business owners to arrange sufficient funds for their startups initially. This is why we provide affordable startup accounting services to them. We help you achieve sufficient financial savings while filing your taxes. With us, you can easily have access to high-level accounting services as well as tax compliance services without spending a large amount of money on a fully-fledged accounting sector. Our Professional Accountant is there to provide excellent tax and accounting solutions for startups.

Some Of Our Accounting Services For Startups

  • Payroll services
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Cash flow management
  • Tax planning
  • Management of financial statements

With our accounting services, we help your startup achieve its business goals. We aim to offer affordable and on time accounting services for your firm. Our accounting or taxation services have fixed and specific prices and can fulfill all your business requirements. We can help you file your corporate tax returns, handle your payroll activities and thereby save your time and money.

Filing Taxes helps startups to achieve their business goals and success by taking care of all their taxation and accounting matters.

We Help In The Growth Of Your Business

As a startup business owner, you are required to take care of your clients, customer support, delivery system etc. Our accounting firm helps you focus on your business requirements and spend more time on building your business by offering various accounting services like bookkeeping, tax returns, payroll services etc. We provide the best solutions that can fulfill your requirements.

We work according to the Canadian standards and accounting principles. Our efficient and cost effective services can reduce all your operational costs and enhance our revenue.

FBAR (Reports of Foreign Banks and Financial Accounts)

You can easily claim for foreign tax credit on your United States tax returns for all the taxes you have already paid in Canada. You must file the 1040 form on a yearly basis if you are the citizen of the U.S, meet a certain income threshold and a green card holder. If you live in Canada and are exempted by the Canadian U.S. social security agreement, You may be subject to S.E. tax exemption. In this case, the 1040 form will help you file a disclosure to this exemption. Along with the 1040 form, you are subject to additional U.S. tax reporting. This tax reporting is applied if you are a beneficiary or own Canadian RPPs, RESPs, RRSPs, and TFSAs. You may also be subject to additional tax reporting that is applied only if you are a beneficiary or own Canadian Mutual Funds.