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Personal Tax Accountant Toronto

Tax filing can be challenging for many people in Toronto. Our team of tax preparation professionals can help you with all your personal tax return needs.



Customized Personal Tax Strategies for Maximum Returns

Personal income taxes are as unique as the clients themselves. There are no cookie cutter solutions to maximize your personal tax return. We tailor our personal tax strategies to accommodate your specific needs and help you preserve your hard-earned money by getting you maximum refund/credit from CRA. 

We closely follow existing and proposed Canadian legislation to determine how it will affect individual financial goals and provide ongoing guidance.

Personalized Tax Services

We look forward to introducing you to personalized tax services in Toronto and Mississauga that are delivered by passionate people who are driven to protect your financial legacy. We have 3 more office locations in Mississauga, Hamilton, and Oakville. 

You can also have one of our professional tax accountants Toronto and Mississauga assist you with your personal tax return requirements remotely from the comfort of your home utilizing the Filing Taxes secure document transfer portal. We accept clients from Canada and worldwide. 


Your tax filing requirements usually depend on three things: your filing status; your gross income; your age. 

Even if you had no income, you should still file your taxes before you turn 19. You may be able to access tax credits and benefits, like sales tax credits or support for childcare. 

The deadline to file personal income taxes is April 30 and even though self-employed Canadians don’t need to file until June 15, if you owe the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA, formerly known as Revenue Canada) any money, it must be paid no later than April 30 to avoid any penalties.



With every important job comes the question of whether or not individuals should do it themselves or hire a professional. While the ever-improving selection of tax preparation software certainly makes it easier to do your own taxes, they don’t provide the professional personal tax knowledge required to get the maximum credits from the CRA.  

There is no universally correct answer to the question of hiring a tax professional or doing your taxes yourself with software. Your comfort and familiarity with CRA rules will be part of your decision, but the complexity of your finances should be the key deciding factor. 

Even if your tax situation is straightforward, hiring a professional personal tax preparer Toronto and Mississauga will save you the time and stress of doing your taxes. Programs and software that offer one-size-fits-all solutions rarely meet client expectations and lead to you missing tax credits and advantages that you should be receiving.

Working with professional personal tax advisors and preparation services Toronto and Mississauga allows you to be fully tax compliant while still taking advantage of the tax credits available to you. Minimize your risk of error or missing deadlines and get the tax return to which you are entitled.



No matter how simple or complex your tax situation is, we are ready to handle it!We know that many business and personal taxes are intertwined, and our personal tax services Toronto and Mississauga offer the integration of both services to help further drive efficiencies. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Income tax returns for couples and families.
  • Income tax services for students.
  • Private tax preparation for self-employed persons.
  • Personal and business tax preparation for individuals with foreign income, investment income, and/or rental income.
  • Personal tax return services for new immigrants or emigrants from Canada.
  • Non-resident income tax services.
  • Personal tax consulting and advising for non-residents and dual residents of Canada.
  • Income tax preparation services for deceased individuals.
  • Back filing personal income tax.
  • Voluntary Tax Disclosure and Tax Appeals.
  • Liaising with CRA and other officials as necessary.
  • Individual tax planning.
  • Tax compliance.
  • Asset protection.
  • Providing personal tax advice and consulting throughout the year for you and your family.
  • Integration of small business taxes to drive efficiencies.
  • Real Estate Transactions and Rental Property Tax Considerations


A good tax preparation specialist doesn’t just look at your tax documents and deductions. They should also provide strategic financial planning advice to plan for the future you want.

Although individual tax planning and corporate tax planning are separate issues, it is necessary to coordinate the two to achieve optimal results. We can help with elements such as structuring investments, taking advantage of income splitting, and avoiding income tax attribution for spouses and children under the age of 18. 

Over the years, clients have given us one important piece of feedback: they often do not want someone “just filing our taxes.” Long-term strategy and building a relationship are important considerations.

Each individual is unique, and financial planning, tax strategies, and income tax preparation are all linked in their financial success. Tie your personal income tax filing into your wealth building plans with our personal tax accountants Toronto and Mississauga.



Wading through tax records and filling out your personal tax return is a daunting task – one that can be frustrating and eat up more hours that you must devote to it.  

But you don’t have to do it alone. Our professional tax preparers Toronto and Mississauga are experts to keep up with the tax code and their expertise can help ensure that you get all the deductions and credits you are eligible to receive. 

There are several benefits to working with personal tax specialists over filing your own income taxes.

  • Reduce the taxes and costs you pay.
  • Find eligible tax credits you may have missed.
  • Get higher tax refunds and maximize your earnings.
  • Minimize the risk of making errors in your tax return.
  • Avoid missing deadlines for filing and payment.
  • Use the benefits of our state-of-the-art tax preparation software.
  • Income tax planning and analysis to find the optimal scenario for your tax return.
  • Get financial planning and custom tax strategies for you and your family.
  • Get advice about how major financial decisions will affect your income tax at year-end.
  • In the event of an audit, have the support of a personal tax CPA to liaise with the Canadian Revenue Agency.
  • Remove the stress that comes with preparing and filing income tax yourself.


Taxation is often the single largest annual expense an individual has year after year. Our team of personal tax accountants helps you keep it at a minimum and ensure your tax provisions are correct, supported, and explainable. 

We do guarantee maximum tax situation optimization so that you do not have to pay extra tax dollars which you should not have, however, we do not guarantee maximum tax refunds. 

We use the “maximum optimization” approach rather than “maximum refunds’ to retain clients, resulting in better economic benefit. 

No more wasting your time with four or more separate financial advisors (i.e., accountant, insurance agent, investment advisor, mortgage agent) when you can get all your financial services at one location from Filing Taxes personal tax services Toronto and Mississauga.  

We will take care of everything from the document requests from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) to full-scale tax audits with varying degrees of complexity.



Filing Taxes is your source for trusted personal tax services Toronto and Mississauga. Our tax team is adept at making practical and insightful recommendations that will minimize your tax burden and retain more of your well-earned money. We establish proactive partnerships with our clients. That way, we can formulate our strategy at the outset of yearly taxation planning. 

We are confident that our sophisticated models of personal client service will put you at ease and your finances in exceptionally capable hands. 

With the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), social distancing is a very important aspect of personal and community protection. Make productive use of your downtime and protect yourself! We offer Canada and Worldwide highly experienced professional personal tax remote service. Quick turnaround with exceptional results, Focused on Solutions.

Feedback from our Clients

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5 Star Average Rating

Muhammad zaid Imran
Muhammad zaid Imran
Reliable and efficient service!
Mah noor Naveed
Mah noor Naveed
Salman Is very professional person who knows how to do work and take care of individual and corporate taxes I will recommend him for all ur taxes needs.
I Have 3 words to describe Them professional, friendly and knowledgable. Our experience was so easy and Salman made it seem basically effortless. He prepared our corporate tax returns, including capital gains, quickly and perfectly. We have NEVER had such a great service! Thank you Mr. Salman you are a cut WAY ABOVE others in your profession. See you next year for sure .Highly recommended for personal and corporate tax filling !!!!!!!
Chatty Canadians
Chatty Canadians
The team at filing taxes was supportive and helpful. Will be filing my taxes with them from now on. Check them out!
Mehmood khalid
Mehmood khalid
They completed my self-employed taxes and did an excellent job, They did my corporate taxes for my small business as well as my personal taxes. It was a pleasent experience dealing with filling taxes. I will hire them next year too. They help me with catching up of my past 6 years of corporate taxes. Did an excellent job with bookkeeping and getting CRA off my back. Highly recommend
Ramal khalid
Ramal khalid
I hired FilingTaxes to do my book keeping and to file my corporate taxes. They are very fast and saved me from my taxes as well. Overall very professional service, would recommend this to anyone looking to have their taxes filed correctly and effectively.
I was very happy to discuss my tax questions with Sal. He provided information and the rationale behind it and gave clear answers so that I could act accordingly.