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Clients with foreign investments come to us for guidance on how best navigate through fluctuations in currency exchange rates, different systems of taxation around the world, and more.

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Keeping up with taxes is never easy. And then, when you have operations overseas... it becomes an even more demanding task to keep your business compliant and efficient. That’s where Filing Taxes steps in! We specialize in global tax services that will help simplify the process for your multinational company so that your bottom line stays positive - all without breaking a sweat on either side of the border.

Are you planning to expand your business outside Canada?

We can give you all the tax planning services that a Canadian taxpayer needs when investing outside our country, saving on double taxation by utilizing foreign tax credits and highlighting any potential implications for doing so with accountancy expertise. When conducting business in another currency we ensure proper documentation is met before anything goes wrong; not just through preparing documents but also offering advice about pricing rules and applicable taxes depending on where it takes place. If you are running transactions within or outside Canada as well, then from high-quality consulting work to assisting with the completion of appropriate paperwork reporting these activities according to regulation requirements - there's no need for stress because accounting professionals have got this covered!

We are customized to meet up with your needs

We are a Canadian accounting firm that focuses on providing tailored tax solutions to individuals and businesses from abroad. Whether you have an international or domestic business, our professionals can provide proper planning for your needs with years of experience in both foreign and local taxes. We will keep abreast of global developments so we're able to alert clients when changes need to be made as well as discussing best practices for ongoing taxation services.

Respected Global Tax Expert

Filing Taxes provides a wide range of tools and resources to give clients access to superior accounting, advisory, and taxation services. Whether you’re looking for investment opportunities overseas or in Canada with an eye on the international market; we are here to help!

Are you investing in the Canadian Market?

We are experts in advising foreigners on investing their money and we have been doing this for over a century. We will create the right entity to suit your needs, prepare tax forms that simplify reporting, or help with property transfers when needed. If you need us to distribute dividends in an efficient manner while remaining compliant with international law then contact our Professional Accountants today!

FBAR (Foreign Tax Credits Or Deductions)

In order to be able to make a claim for foreign tax credit on your United States tax returns, you must file the 1040 form every year. If you are exempt from S.E. Tax by residing in Canada and being exempted under the Canadian U.S Social Security Agreement, then additional reporting may apply if:

-You're a beneficiary or

- You own any of these accounts (Canadian Mutual Fund Accounts; RRSPs/RESPs; RPPs; TFSA).