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Accounting Services For Small Business

We help small business owners create a plan for their future success, help them make right decisions and ensure it is implemented with concentration and care.

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Small Business Accounting Solutions

Filing Taxes has been helping small businesses for over years. With the help of our dedicated team, we can take care of all your bookkeeping and accounting needs from start to finish, so you don't have to worry about any data records or business growth issues ever again! It doesn’t matter if a business is medium-sized , small or large, our teams can handle all your accounting needs and provide full support for your taxes.

As your small business tax accounting firm in Oakville, Filing Taxes can help you with all the rules and regulations required to file your financial reports easily that almost on one is known of. We have a professional accountant who knows how to prepare these records according to established principles of accounting. Our professionals can also work with you on ways that will save money by helping pay for only what is necessary when it comes time for taxes or other fees related to running a successful company.

Trustable Accounting Firm in Oakville

Filing Taxes is here to help you with all of your accounting and tax needs for the small businesses in Oakville. We have a range of services tailored for every kind of business, from the small-time entrepreneur on their own home turf up through large companies who are looking for investment money or loans. You'll be saving time by using us because we handle everything – taxes included!

We know all the financial requirements of small businesses, which is why we provide cost-effective accounting services that are perfect for your needs. We work with you to make smart decisions about finances so you can save and increase profit margins.

With proper accounting and bookkeeping services, you can keep track of your company's finances to maximize profits. Our team specializes in small business needs specifically so that we can provide an optimum experience for our clients! Our Team is specifically trained to solve all the problems of business needs.

Why Are Small Business Accounting Services Required?

The best accounting firm will keep a record of all your financial data and statements that are vital for building up the business. The most impressive features in our efficient procedures save money, allowing growth to happen naturally without outside expenses.

At Filing Taxes, our team maintains all the records including plans. Statements and most importantly financial records so you can use your time and energy. In this way you will only focus on your business growth and the leads.

We Maintain Your Financial Records

Maintaining accurate records of your financial and commercial activity is one of the most difficult challenges faced by small businesses. Filing Taxes understands that good records will help you grow, file taxes on time with ease, improve cash flow management, reduce audit risk through improved documentation compliance and increase business profitability. When you have financial records kept safely then you will be able to focus on your business and it’s profit margins.

With our comprehensive accounting services for professionals like yourself including setting up a system to track income vs expenses accurately or establishing account codes/ledger structures; we offer everything needed in order to do your books at home or save money from expensive office rent!

FBAR (Reports of Foreign Banks and Financial Accounts)

You can easily claim for a foreign tax credit on your United States tax returns for all the taxes you have already paid in Canada. You must file the 1040 form on a yearly basis if you are the citizen of the U.S, meet a certain income threshold, and a green cardholder. If you live in Canada and are exempted by the Canadian U.S. social security agreement, You may be subject to S.E. tax exemption. In this case, the 1040 form will help you file disclosure to this exemption. Along with the 1040 form, you are subject to additional U.S. tax reporting.

This tax reporting is applied if you are a beneficiary or own Canadian RPPs, RESPs, RRSPs, and TFSAs. You may also be subject to additional tax reporting that is applied only if you are a beneficiary or own Canadian Mutual Funds.