Filing Taxes is a professional accounting firm providing a wide range of accounting, taxation, and bookkeeping services to clients in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. With years of experience helping both individuals and businesses meet their financial goals, Filing Taxes has established itself as a leading accounting firm in Mississauga

If you’re starting your own business in Canada, you may have to register for a GST/HST account. Part of your duty as a GST/HST registrant is to collect and remit these taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency.

However, filing your GST/HST can be more time-consuming and complicated than filing your income tax. It’s crucial to hire an expert to deal with the requirements to keep your business compliant with Canadian tax law. 

The Filing Taxes team of accountants in Toronto has the expertise to meet all your GST and HST returns needs. Our tax accountants in Toronto are ready to help you filter through your GST/HST tax statements and get the returns you are owed. 

Imagine having access to a professional accountant in Toronto at the click of a button, from your desktop, mobile, or other smart devices, anywhere in the world. That is the power of cloud accounting services!

Filing Tax accountants in Toronto are experts in leveraging cloud accounting to streamline accounting processes, automate tasks, simplify compliance, and deliver insightful financial reporting to business owners. Our professional accountants in Toronto take pride in being a help for many Canadian businesses. Our cloud-accounting services assists businesses to achieve greater efficiencies and productivity, save time, and gain real-time visibility, and the ability to share and analyze data and metrics to make the best business decisions.

Business incorporation in Canada requires a solid legal and commercial foundation to ensure the successful growth of your organization and only an expert partner can get you through this rough patch smoothly. 

Incorporating a business in Canada can be challenging if you are unaware of the rules and regulations and the business setup procedures. But fret not – our team of experienced accountants in Toronto can help you out with the legal and business formalities of incorporating a business in Canada with the most appropriate corporate and income tax setup, to fast-track the growth of your company.

With Filing Taxes incorporation services, you will achieve a tax-efficient corporate structure while protecting both company and personal assets.

For businesses, employees are your most valuable asset, and payroll services are crucial. Payroll covers more than just a list of people you employ and what they are paid. It’s also about tax information and compliance with employment laws and regulations.

Ensuring that they are paid on time and that you have met all legal requirements is critical. The impact of not managing this correctly can have a significant impact on the success of your business.

Filing Taxes proudly provides expert, hassle-free, and reliable payroll services for companies of all sizes in all industries.


U.S. tax filing in Canada comes with its own set of complications. Filing two sets of taxes can feel a little overwhelming. Knowing which tax rules affect you and understanding your tax filing options is a lot to stay on top of. 

American citizens living in Canada will likely face tax pressure from both the U.S.-based Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and its counterpart in Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The U.S. is famous for its complex tax laws and the significant penalties for failing to follow them.  Working with a tax accountant in Canada to file a US tax return is the best way to ensure full accuracy and compliance. At Filing Taxes, our experienced accountants in Toronto can assist you with the full process, including preparation and filing. 

They will help you understand your obligations and their impact on your international tax and wealth planning. With our expertise, you can be confident that you have the best tax plan in place.

Whether you’re a Canadian doing business outside of Canada or investing in foreign property, a United States citizen living in Canada, or a foreigner investing in Canada, cross-border tax considerations are an important piece of your financial puzzle. Comprehending and navigating cross-border tax policies can be a challenging, yet essential process. 

When choosing your cross-border tax team, its members must be fully conversant with tax rules on BOTH sides of the border. Too often, individuals engage practitioners on either side of the border who simply give you ONE side of the equation, leaving you with more questions than when you started.

Say goodbye to cross-border tax filing headaches. 

Filing Taxes Accounting Firm will help you navigate the murky waters of cross-border taxation and arrive at workable solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

All businesses and companies need to keep proper accounting records for their own business needs as well as regulatory compliance.

Financial statements are one of the most important annual reports for your company to make swift and informed decisions. Preparing reliable financial statements takes time and effort, but with today’s cutthroat business environment, it has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes to succeed!

Filing Taxes offer dependable and renowned financial statement services to businesses of all sizes in every sector of the industry. Our expert accountants in Toronto can help you create fast, accurate, consolidated financial statements that comply with international and regional accounting standards. We have several years of experience in financial statement preparation and analysis, meaning that you can be confident that we will do the job right.

With today’s globalized workforce, it is not uncommon to work in a country that you are not a resident of. Canadians and non-residents living or working abroad may still have to pay Canadian income taxes. It is essential for you to know your income tax obligations. Protect your investments in Canada while you are abroad by letting Filing Taxes take care of tax compliance issues so you can relax and enjoy the rewards.

You can feel confident choosing Filing Taxes as your go-to resource for all of your individual and business-related non-resident tax services. 

With an increasingly strict and frequently evolving regulatory environment, there is a growing demand for organizations to provide transparent and reliable financial information to stakeholders.

In a world powered by data-driven decision-making and regulatory scrutiny, having a steadfast partner to navigate the intricacies of audit and assurance is a strategic advantage.

We at Filing Taxes believe that information is currency. Our accountants in Toronto have extensive experience offering auditing and assurance services to a diverse range of industry sectors and business structures from a family-owned enterprise or large proprietary company to superannuation funds or listed companies in the private and public sector. Our ample experience makes it easy for us to take on audits in new areas quickly understand your organisation and provide effective and economical audit services.

Investing in real estate is the ideal option if you want to earn high capital growth and boost your income. 

When it comes to investments giving high returns, real estate business is the first name that comes to mind. Real estate allows you to get higher capital appreciation, a cut above income steam, and many tax advantages. It’s not only fruitful in terms of getting incredible financial gains but also provides sizeable tax savings and tax sheltering opportunities. 

However, managing your real estate accounting and reporting requirements can be onerous, especially when it comes to taking care of the more diversified areas of your portfolio. 

The real estate industry can be turbulent, but your accounting shouldn’t be. Filing Taxes accounting firm in Mississauga ought to know about all facets of the Canadian real estate industry. With a decade of real estate tax accounting and consultancy experience, Filing Taxes has become a kingpin in real estate accounting and tax services in Mississauga and Toronto.

Your law practice is a business just like any other. You have revenue, expenses, taxes, and much more. Managing your small law firm’s finances can seem like a huge task in the fast-paced, demanding world of law. It's best to work with a Professional Accounting Firm in Toronto that has deep experience in trust accounts and experience working with PC Law software.

Whatever your size or area of practice, Filing Taxes constantly strives to provide solutions suited to help your firm thrive and succeed using PC Law Accounting Services. Hiring our PC Law accounting services in Toronto you’ll streamlining your firm’s financial management, freeing up your time to focus on what truly matters- practicing law. Your journey toward optimal financial management starts here.

Accounting is critical for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Business Accounting involves much more than a yearly obligation to report to the Canada Revenue Agency.  On top of the mandatory filing of your returns, detailed business accounts are also a key aspect of making any business decisions, understanding your market, and reacting to challenges as they arise.

Filing Taxes can help you gain valuable insights into your business’s financial performance that help you succeed as an individual and grow your business. By getting behind your numbers, we get behind your business to give you the support you need to grow.

It is a legal responsibility for any business to keep an appropriate book of accounts to guarantee that all applicable taxes are paid, and tax filings are completed on time. Also, precise, and accurate bookkeeping keeps your finances in order and helps you with day-to-day operations.

Bookkeeping is no doubt a stressful job. A business owner has to work on it constantly or can even hire an expert for the same. But, that won’t allow you to get added luxuries, which a Virtual Bookkeeping Service in Toronto has in store for you.

Bookkeeping takes time, and often, it’s not the most thrilling task, either. Any time spent poring through your accounts is time that could be used to build your business – and that’s why the Filing Taxes team of accountants in Toronto offers an adaptable virtual bookkeeping service.

Virtual bookkeeping is a progressive practice, and with digital ways of working at our core, made possible by accounting software and collaboration platforms we’ll assist you to stay on top of your transactions, review your statements, and reconcile your accounts in a flexible, cost-effective manner.

When it comes to safeguarding your financial future, effective tax planning plays a pivotal role. Corporate tax services in Toronto help companies navigate the Canadian complex tax system and ensure compliance with tax regulations. For businesses, tax planning can help give companies a better idea of the overall health of the business – all while reducing hefty tax bills.

Our professional accountant can assist you in working systematically for reporting the tax statements for Not For Profit Taxes Toronto and let you focus on your business activities.

Personal tax season in Canada gets into full swing from January to April so does the search for personal tax accountants in Toronto. For over a decade Filing Taxes, has been successfully helping clients with their Canadian personal tax returns or T1 returns. As a trusted tax partner for thousands of individuals across Canada, our professional team prides itself on having significant experience both with the CRA and with the rules and requirements of personal tax return preparation.

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