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Entertainment Accounting Service

Easily file your taxes and reduce your stress in just a few clicks! Hire one of our qualified accountants to complete all the work for you. Your entertainment industry needs will be taken care of with no worries when filing taxes with us

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Juggling the financials of an entertainment company or freelance artist can be a tough job. With so many different aspects to take care of, it's not surprising that small mistakes happen all the time. But what is important is that you don't let these minor errors turn into major issues - and with a little help from an entertainment industry accountant, you won't have to worry about your finances ever again!

What is an entertainment accountant and what do they do?

An entertainment accountant is a specialist who works with the finances of artists, production companies and other people in the industry. They help organize records, manage taxes and keep everything running smoothly for their clients so that they don't have to worry about anything but making amazing art!

Why should you hire a professional to handle your finances?

As a freelancer or someone running your own business, it's easy to forget the need for professional help until you make some mistakes. But it can be devastating for your company and lead to major financial issues if not dealt with quickly!

One of the best things about an entertainment accountant is they are always up-to-date on tax regulations and know all the ins and outs of accounting for artists. You can trust them to handle your business in a way that will make you worry-free!

Typical duties of an accounting firm for the entertainment industry

The accounting firm plays a very important role in the world of entertainment. One major duty is to ensure that all of the revenue generated by an artist or company is accounted for and reported appropriately, so as not to fall victim to tax evasion. The firm will also keep track of record-keeping practices and maintain accurate records on stock ownership/ownership transfers.

Accounting firms also provide legal counsel for entertainment companies. This may include negotiating contracts, setting up trusts/corporations and more. The firm can help with mergers, acquisitions or partnerships that will be beneficial to the company's future growth potential. 

In addition to the standard financial accountancy duties, an entertainment accountant is also skilled in managing royalty calculations. They are experts at handling expenses for live events like concerts or festivals because they know how a production company operates!

An entertainer can trust their accountant with all of their finances - from setting up budgets to creating forecasts and other reports that are necessary for understanding the state of their company.

Tax deductions for the Entertainment Industry

In the entertainment industry, as in many other industries, tax deductions are a very important part of running your business. You can deduct any expenses that you incur on behalf of your company from your own taxable income. In addition to these standard deductions (such as office rent and utilities), entertainers may also be eligible for unique ones such one-time deductions, such as the purchase of a new instrument.

As an entertainer or someone in charge of finances for your company, you should be aware that there are many different types of tax deductions available to you depending on what type of entertainment business/event is being held!

Below are some examples:

  • Buy tickets and other promotional items for an event.
  • Purchasing and maintaining a stage or set for a live performance.
  • Sending out promotional material to potential customers (such as CDs and T-shirts).

When it comes to tax deductions, you'll want to make sure that your records are up-to-date and filed accordingly with the CRA!

Why choose our entertainment accounting service?

FilingTaxes is an accounting firm with extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry in Canada, including entertainers, actors, celebrities, film producers and directors. We understand what it takes to run a successful production company so we can help you keep track of all the moving parts involved in making films or television series. Our clients have found us invaluable when it comes to navigating tax laws specific to their industry. 

We're dedicated professionals who take pride in helping our clients succeed by managing their finances effectively and efficiently while keeping them compliant with relevant government regulations regarding taxes and deductions on income earned through their creative endeavors. If you're tired of dealing with complicated paperwork or just don't know where to start when preparing financial statements, allow us to take care of it for you.

We are experts in providing financial services to the film industry and have helped our clients by paying their production company's taxes, managing receivables, handling payroll and filing statutory returns on time every year.

If your production company is looking for a dedicated team with an abundance of experience, look no further than FilingTaxes.

We'll make tax time a little easier for you and your production company with our knowledgeable service.