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Professional Tax Accounting Services

It's more than providing a service, it's knowing you and what you need.

Filing Taxes minimizes your tax burden and saves your time and money with reliable and professional tax accounting services in Canada. Our customized tax and bookkeeping services can solve all the complicated tax and accounting issues.


Why Choose Filing Taxes?

Filing Taxes is a professional accounting firm that works for individuals and businesses and takes care of their tax needs. We provide expert help in personal and corporate tax returns, income tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll accounting and HST returns. As experienced tax preparers, we take care of all your financial needs and have a proven track record of satisfied clients. Our expert Professional Accountants provide a wide range of financial advisory services according to the client’s requirements.

We prepare personal and business taxes. We prepare personal and company taxes, bookkeeping, payroll accounting, and HST returns. We’re competent tax preparers who take care of all our clients’ financial demands. Our professional accountants offer a wide range of financial advising services.

No two people are the same. Our tax refunds are tailored for you and are geared around getting the best possible tax refund. Your money. Your pocket.

Facing Problems in accounts? Need not worry as our expert and professional accountants are just a call away to solve all your accounting and tax issues according to your needs.

We provide flexible meeting choices in Toronto, Mississauga, or via Skype/Zoom. After-hours appointments are available for time-pressed business owners or those in a different time zone.

The best part about our team is the depth of knowledge our advisors have in all diverse areas of Canadian and US Tax. We rely on each other to share expertise to find the best solutions for our valued clients.

We offer flexible, packaged services. Our accounting packages are designed to meet the needs and budgets of business owners in a variety of industries. Our clients know what they’re getting and paying for, so invoices aren’t surprises.

At Filing Taxes, we value your privacy and confidentiality. No work is outsourced. 100% of your services are done by accountants. IT maintains, protects, and backs up our server.

Experienced preparers and expert support ensure the continuity. You can contact Filing Taxes year-round to speak to a courteous, experienced preparer who knows your specific situation and needs.

We have a proven track record with our satisfied clients, having served hundreds and hundreds of people and businesses with their tax returns, income tax preparation, and HST returns. We have the testimonials to prove it!

Our Google Reviews

Muhammad zaid Imran
Muhammad zaid Imran
Reliable and efficient service!
Mah noor Naveed
Mah noor Naveed
Salman Is very professional person who knows how to do work and take care of individual and corporate taxes I will recommend him for all ur taxes needs.
I Have 3 words to describe Them professional, friendly and knowledgable. Our experience was so easy and Salman made it seem basically effortless. He prepared our corporate tax returns, including capital gains, quickly and perfectly. We have NEVER had such a great service! Thank you Mr. Salman you are a cut WAY ABOVE others in your profession. See you next year for sure .Highly recommended for personal and corporate tax filling !!!!!!!
Chatty Canadians
Chatty Canadians
The team at filing taxes was supportive and helpful. Will be filing my taxes with them from now on. Check them out!
Mehmood khalid
Mehmood khalid
They completed my self-employed taxes and did an excellent job, They did my corporate taxes for my small business as well as my personal taxes. It was a pleasent experience dealing with filling taxes. I will hire them next year too. They help me with catching up of my past 6 years of corporate taxes. Did an excellent job with bookkeeping and getting CRA off my back. Highly recommend
Ramal khalid
Ramal khalid
I hired FilingTaxes to do my book keeping and to file my corporate taxes. They are very fast and saved me from my taxes as well. Overall very professional service, would recommend this to anyone looking to have their taxes filed correctly and effectively.
I was very happy to discuss my tax questions with Sal. He provided information and the rationale behind it and gave clear answers so that I could act accordingly.

File Your Taxes In 5 Easy Steps

At Filing Taxes we turn your tax woes into growth opportunities through our technical expertise. When with us, you can put aside your accounting and bookkeeping worries and aim for the ultimate goal, that is, ‘Minimizing Taxes’. We will E-File your taxes with Canada Revenue Agency through our robust but simplified tax filing system

1. Get In Touch

We’re here to serve you today. We’ll examine your tax obligations. Call or submit the form to discuss your needs. We’ll contact you as quick as possible.

2. Paperwork Needed

To keep your tax prep working smoothly, supply us the essential information. We’ve created a checklist to help you identify and get tax-related information.

3. Documentation

Send documents by email or the cloud and a 50% retainer. If your tax position is complex and requires a lot of paperwork, gathering and arranging it will be worth it.

4. Approval & Signature

Approval & Signature After preparing the taxes we send them over to you for your approval and signatures.

5. E-Filing of Taxes

We file the taxes and send you a confirmation for the same after the invoice is paid in full.

Our Services

At Filing Taxes, we are fully dedicated and determined in serving our clients with the best solutions to their tax and accounting problems. We help organizations identify and capitalize on new opportunities.

We give support to our clients to be effective today and achieve long term goals tomorrow along with the fulfillment of all regulatory frameworks.

We know that most business owners’ eyes glaze over when they see a Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet or hear about tax. We will give you accurate, up-to-date financial reports and then explain what they mean in a way that you understand. We offer modern cloud bookkeeping solutions at fixed fees. With our expertise and the latest technology, we address business challenges including business process automation and accounting system implementations.

  • Balance sheet
  • T1 Income Tax Return
  • T2 Corporate Income Tax Return
  • GST/HST Returns
  • Bookkeeping (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
  • Accounting System Implementation and Support
  • Business Process Automation

Do you want to take your business to the next level but don’t know how? The team at Filing Taxes can help. Our clients consistently experience more profit, improved cash flow, and less tax. We support self-employed, private equity firms, entrepreneurs, pension funds, high net worth investors, and corporations who are looking to grow or divest through a variety of means. We can help in:

  • Start-up business planning
  • Developing business growth strategies
  • Preparation of Financial Projections
  • Business loan processing
  • Purchase and sale of a business
  • Tax Planning & Minimisation
  • Cashflow forecasts and budgets
  • Succession planning

Working in Real Estate exposes you to many tax and reporting requirements. It’s important to plan proactively regarding the minimization of your tax bills. Our professional team will help you in developing the right structures for your tax minimization. The services we provide allow you to take advantage of the tax benefits available to you. Our real estate tax services cover:

  • Canadian Real Estate Tax
  • U.S. Real Estate Tax for Canadians
  • Personal Real Estate Corporation

Canadian taxpayers are extending their reach beyond the borders, earning business, investment, or employment income from foreign sources. Filing Taxes can help you understand the ins and outs of cross-border tax compliance. Our inbound corporate tax professionals assist foreign-controlled private corporations in setting up business in Canada. Our international tax services cover:

  • US-Canadian Cross-Border Tax
  • Non-resident investments, tax planning, and preparation
  • Cross-border estate planning and tax (individual and corporate)
  • International Tax Planning and Return Preparation
  • Canadian Enterprises Expanding Outside Canada
  • Foreign-Controlled Enterprises Investing in Canada
  • Canadian Residents Leaving Canada or Investing Outside Canada


We offer a comprehensive range of corporate tax compliances services to help business owners minimize the tax burden weighing on their businesses. We have experience in serving corporate clients in a wide variety of industry sectors, sizes, and structures. Our expertise includes tax planning strategies to help manage and legally reduce Canadian federal and provincial tax liabilities.

  • Business registration
  • Business Incorporation
  • Professional Corporation
  • Self-employed tax planning and preparation
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statements
  • Business Closure
  • Payroll
  • GST/HST returns and rebates
  • SRED
  • Tax Audits

Filing Taxes assists in completing and filing personal income tax returns or T1 returns for hundreds of Canadians yearly. Our tax accountants will help you handle your personal tax return timely and accurately and in an affordable manner. We will do our best to minimize your taxes and get a maximum refund.

  • Personal tax return preparation
  • Personal tax planning and advice
  • Accounting for your investments
  • Bookkeeping and advice on your rental and business activities
  • Estate and succession planning
  • CRA audit assistance and negotiations
  • GST or payroll advice for proprietors and partnerships
  • Tax Credits
  • Backdated tax filing

Accounting Services You Can Trust

We Are a full-service accounting firm that takes care of payroll, Corporate Taxes, HST filings, and Bookkeeping. We’re always available to respond to your inquiries.


Who We Help

If you own a business or work as a self-employed professional in Canada, we probably have the right accounting solution for you.

How Our Toronto Accountants Can Help You?

We are different from other accounting firms in Toronto because of the wide range of services we offer to our many clients. Some of the benefits you can expect from using our services are:

  1. Impeccable preparation of interim, quarterly as well as monthly reports.
  2. Strategic Forecasts and Budgeting.
  3. Effective assessment of your business valuations.
  4. Preparation of flawless financial statements.
  5. Preparation of result-driven cash flow statements.
  6. Tailor-made bookkeeping solutions by optimizing high-end cloud-based software programs such as Xero and QuickBook etc.
  7. Premium services on Due Diligence, business purchases and many more.

So, you can start working with us right away to get any of these benefits from our full range of accounting services in Toronto. We are experts in accounting, and our main goal is to help your business reach new heights through smart accounting solutions.

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