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Virtual and Cloud Accounting Solutions

Get access to affordable robust technology with our virtual and cloud accounting services in Canada. Small businesses can effectively elevate their productivity, efficiency and growth with the help of our accounting softwares.

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Making accounting wiser, Empowered by Innovation, Leading the market with Cloud-based Accounting services

When performance matters hiring us to do accounting just adds up. We deliver what other accounting firms can’t – seamless accounting workflows without any obstructions. Our team of expert accountants brings real-world experience, best practices, and operational patterns that help make your initiative towards cloud accounting a success. We provide a combination of modern technology with in-house accounting expert analysis that best fits your business needs. Designed specifically for your business needs, our cloud accounting services offer financial management – anytime, from any device.

We have a hybrid service system both in-person and online. Being a cloud Filing Taxes we can help businesses across Canada. From the east coast to the west, we have you covered!

What is Cloud-Accounting?

Cloud-based accounting is accessed through the internet and lets you enter and track all types of financial data in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

Our definition of cloud-based accounting relies on two core components: remote accounting services offered by Filing Taxes and the cloud-based accounting software we use to both deliver those services and allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business’ health.

How does cloud accounting work?

When a company implements cloud accounting software, it no longer has to set up individual desktops with software, since the staff can access the cloud through their own devices.

The servers are accessed via the internet just like any other server. In the same way, you access your bank account online or any other secure webpage, you access your financial accounts online through the service provider’s interface.

What is cloud accounting used for?

The core purpose of cloud accounting is to keep your business books online. Cloud accounting is a solution that allows employees in different departments, remote or branch locations to have access to the same data and the same version of the software, as well as performing all application functions off-site instead of one central office-based desktop. It facilitates a paperless environment through the automation of several manual bookkeeping and accounting processes.

What are cloud accounting services?

The accounting industry is currently embarking on its new wave of growth and innovation: Cloud Technology. With our cloud accounting service, you have the power to automate tedious tasks and take back your time. So that you can focus on what matters: bringing your business idea to life. Working with you throughout will be one of our expert accountants with the depth of experience to provide you with the best financial solutions.

Cloud accounting is our innovative service that allows you and your Accounting Advisor to collaborate seamlessly. The service can be customized to meet your unique needs and can be easily scaled as your business grows and evolves.

What We Can Do for You?

Business is a breeze with virtual bookkeeping, tax, financial advisory, and payroll tech specialists on hand. Books balanced, taxes filed and all the reports current and accurate with a full spectrum of cloud accounting services.

Bookkeeping services:

  • Monthly data entry and transaction review
  • Monthly bank account reconciliation
  • Monthly credit card expense identification
  • QuickBooks Online (QBO) review
  • General Bookkeeping Support
  • Management Reports Including Key Financial Data
  • Accounts payable Support and Payables Management
  • Invoicing and Accounts Receivable Management

Financial Statements & Reports

  • Preparation of annual Notice to Reader Financial Statements.
  • Comprehensive Management Reports – emailed to you regularly, enabling you to make well-informed decisions throughout the year.

Business Tax Compliance including but is not limited to:

  • Preparation of notice to reader financial statements
  • Preparation of corporate and personal income tax returns
  • Preparation of GST/HST returns
  • T4/T5 slip and information returns
  • Canada Revenue Agency Correspondence and audit assistance
    • Payroll support:

      • Maintaining Payroll Software
      • Adding New Employees
      • Managing bi-weekly payroll cycles
      • Record of Employments
      • T4 Summary and Slips for Employees

      Advisory services in relation to:

      • Cross border taxmatters
      • Mergers and acquisitions
      • Sale of a business
      • Restructuring and estate planning

      Support & Training

      Whether you do the bookkeeping yourself, or you have some questions – call us, connect with us online from anywhere in Canada. Irrespective of your business location we are here to support your accounting & tax needs through our cloud accounting expertise.

      Is cloud-based accounting software safe?

      There’s no doubt that Cloud-based accounting is shifting the paradigm of software solutions for growing businesses, but this raises an important question: Should you trust the cloud to securely store your business’s sensitive data?

      For each of the major threats to cloud accounting, there are solutions to ensure the security of your business and financial data. Today’s accounting software comes with extra layers of security such as multifactor authentication, encryption backup, and authorized access. We understand the threat and work over cloud accounting tools. Cloud accounting at Filing Taxes has robust cybersecurity systems in place to safeguard your data, from virus detection and firewall to two-factor authentications.

      How does cloud accounting differ from traditional accounting software?

      Cloud-based accounting is a step above traditional desktop accounting because once your accounting information is on a cloud-based platform:

      • You can connect it directly to other platforms
      • You don't need to back it up
      • We have direct access in real-time
      • There are no more version issues
      • There is no need for updates
      • It reduces entering the same info twice
      • It reduces human error in other software (bill payments, payroll, etc.)

      When should your company use cloud accounting?

      If your business demands:

      • fast access to detailed financial breakdowns, management information, and key performance indicator (KPI) metrics
      • revolutionized efficiency of bookkeeping system
      • streamlined financial administration
      • a real-time view of your key financial numbers

      Cloud accounting is the solution to all your needs. Let technology make your life easier.

      Cloud accounting has attracted many businesses in Canada to invest in this virtual storage technology since it is seen to be able to help businesses in managing and sharing data in a more flexible, cost-saving manner. From the smallest downtown laundromat to the largest company set up, your business can benefit from implementing cloud accounting.

      The beauty of cloud accounting is the flexibility it gives you to run your business from work, home, or on the go.

      Contact Us to See if Cloud Accounting is Right for You!

      Filing Taxes is Canada’s go-to cloud accounting firm – Adding pace to your business. Be empowered by the freedom and flexibility our solutions provide. We provide Cloud accounting services for businesses of all sizes across Canada.

      The last decision you will have to make is to sign up with accounting experts at Filing Taxes. Once you have done that, our team will take the wheel and make sure to efficiently manage all the accounting, taxation, and bookkeeping requirements for your business.