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Bookkeeping Service For Construction Companies

Because of the very complicated accounting requirements and tax restrictions, the construction business poses a unique difficulty for bookkeepers. As a result, construction companies require a bookkeeper with industry knowledge.

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Most bookkeepers don't know how to track construction company journal entries and house builder payment applications, but we do.

Our Bookkeeping Services do not come in a one-size-fits-all package. We consider the particular financial and operational requirements of construction enterprises and contractors. Filingtaxes is more than just an outsourced construction accounting service; we have the capabilities to become a significant addition to your company.

Many of the same bookkeeping services are available to construction firms as they are to other types of organizations:

  • Basic financial statements (balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and more)
  • Accounting software installation, training, and support
  • Filing of sales and use taxes/employer withholding taxes
  • Payroll and other fundamental HR services

The difference is evident in the large degree of complexity added to these services due to the construction industry's nature.

Why Do Construction Coampanies Require An Industry-Experienced Bookkeeper?

Standard accounting services are significantly simpler to provide since, in most situations, the firm is a set area where clients go, or things are sent from. You have your sales, cost of products, and costs, and you can determine your breakeven threshold from there.

It's critical to keep track of charges from bespoke work in numerous places regarding construction accounting. Costs for a specific construction operation may include packing and unloading goods, transporting, warehousing, subcontracting labour, and other expenses.

In addition to the movable (non-fixed) aspect of construction activity, sales may be divided into other categories. The cost of commodities comprises both direct and indirect expenses, with several subcategories within each. In the context of building work, an item that may be a clear expense for a conventional firm may qualify as 'cost of products sold.'

Because so much of the work in the building is customized, calculating the breakeven threshold is significantly more difficult. Job costing and job profitability statements are required for each project instead of a simple profit and loss statement for the firm. Failure to account for each task's unique expenditures and earnings makes it difficult for a business owner to determine which sorts of projects to pursue or avoid in the future.

Our One-of-a-Kind Approach To Construction Bookkeeping May Benefit Your Business?

As part of our distinct approach to bookkeeping, each Filing Taxes customer is allocated a controller. Your controller will ensure that your monthly financial reporting focuses on the most critical areas for you. In addition, the controller collaborates with the CFO assigned to your account to handle complicated challenges and give strategic business recommendations based on the figures.

Custom financial reporting and a team approach to your financial system demands mean you'll get more out of your data, such as the ability to determine which occupations are worthwhile to pursue. We can show you how to create accurate and relevant reporting, the cornerstone for successful company management decision-making.