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Bookkeeping for Electricians

Are you an electrician or electrical contractor attempting to run a tough business? We'll save you time and make business accounting (and your life!) easier.

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We understand that being an electrician is a difficult job. Aside from the strenuous physical effort necessary, you must also be accessible for unpredictable work hours and respond to crises at various places. You must adhere to equipment safety, workplace health, licencing, and insurance regulations.

After taking care of your clients all day, you don't have to complete all of your own accounts. Invoicing, record keeping, ATO compliance, and the complexity of payroll are just a few of the activities we can handle on your behalf.

Electricians might benefit from specialised bookkeeping services

Just like not all electricians have the same skill sets and knowledge, not all bookkeepers approach accounting in the same way.

We work closely with you as experienced bookkeepers to understand your company's particular working style, business operations, and issues. Our in-house specialists are well-versed in your sector and the ever-changing nature of work. When you combine this with a mix of suppliers, subcontractors, workers, and clients, as well as keeping track of the materials and billable charges necessary for each task, bookkeeping for electricians can get rather complex.

The Advantages of Using a Professional Bookkeeper

You're probably used to doing everything yourself as a skilled tradesperson! However, you may be unaware of various rules, regulations, and requirements related to financial accounting and statutory reporting. Hiring a professional bookkeeper or an accounting firm for electricians will assist you in maintaining accurate records and meeting compliance and reporting standards.

A proactive and skilled bookkeeper will assist you in managing and understanding your company's performance, as well as making sense of your financial records.

A professional Bookkeeperwill assist you in meeting your company objectives and reducing the burden of operating a business by handling all of your day-to-day accounting and account administration.

Why should you choose us?

Filing Taxes Bookkeeping has developed a reputation for superior job quality and customer service as experienced bookkeepers and accountants. We serve a huge number of small to medium-sized enterprises across a wide range of sectors. All team members are Xero-certified specialists who are dedicated to current bookkeeping best practises in order to increase productivity and profitability.

Xero is one of the most sophisticated cloud-based bookkeeping systems on the market. Xero interfaces with all of the most popular tradesmen add-ons, providing for easy data migration across platforms. You will always have access to your profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and a variety of other essential information, allowing you to make the best decisions for your company as the owner.

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