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Bookkeeping for Dentists

With dental bookkeeping, we aim to help you develop and measure your progress! Our bookkeeping services are designed to help your dental office run more efficiently. To do this, we'll assess your practice's strengths and limitations and collaborate on methods to suit your requirements and help you succeed! Create a dental bookkeeping business plan right now!

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We feel that spending your time serving patients and establishing your practice and connections is a better use of your time than worrying about finances and accounting concerns! There will be no more scrambling at the end of the year to prepare your accounts for tax season. No more second-guessing your financial situation in the fourth quarter, when your CPA is ready to provide tax advice. You and your accountant will have easy access to all of your monthly reports. Every year, your books will be tax-ready for your CPA. Find out how our dental Bookkeeping Services may benefit your practice.

Our Team Industry Leaders Expert Advice Dental Support
Our dental bookkeeping professionals have many years of experience in the dentistry sector. Trust sources with a wealth of expertise and information. We have been acknowledged as industry leaders in the provision of a variety of services to dental professionals. Find out how we can assist your practise. With years of experience and training, we know how to help your practise succeed. Our professionals are well-versed in the dentistry business. We've assisted a lot of dentists just like you. To fulfil your demands, we are constantly expanding and improving our services.
Don't Just Get Your Numbers; Learn To Comprehend Them.

We send you financial figures on a regular basis, and we also give you the skills to understand what those numbers represent in the most basic terms.

  • To make financial reports basic and accessible, choose a minimalist approach.
  • Overhead % benchmarking allows you to compare your spending to that of your peers, giving you a clear picture of where you stand.
  • For dentists who learn best with visuals, a dashboard with graphs and colour coding is available.
In Three Simple Steps, Here's How It Works.

You only have to pay your practice's bills and conduct payroll. The rest is up to us.

  1. Educated and Committed Bookkeeper - You will continue to pay your own bills and payroll while a trained, devoted bookkeeper maintains track of all financial activities in your business accounts on a regular basis. Keeping everything structured is especially important for dental benchmarks and your CPA's tax preparation.
  2. Minimal Interruptions - We simplify the bookkeeping process so you may focus on more essential things while your numbers are magically completed without your input. We will set aside any transactions that require clarification in order to categorise appropriately as we categorise everyday, then list those transactions in an email to ask you - once per month - minimising disruptions to you or your office manager.
  3. Compare your practise to that of others ( % ) - How we perform the bookkeeping unique for comparing dental office overhead with dental benchmarks is a big part of the magic in Filing Taxes for Dentists. We have developed patented software that compares your overhead percentages to the averages of our clientele.