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Accounting Training in Toronto

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Welcome to the Tax Filing Training Platform.

Time and tide do not wait for anyone, and neither does this chance to live your dream.Hands-on Training on Filing Taxes is delivered under the supervision of qualified and practising accountants in a real business environment. Filing Taxes is an established accounting firm in the GTA specialising in accounting, bookkeeping, finance, taxation, audit, and business planning. Experience in dealing with a wide spectrum of clients sets our hands on the pulse of the Canadian business market. We deeply understand the skills and qualifications that are required of accounting professionals and are sought after by employers. Hence, we aim to provide practical accountancy training that changes lives for the better.

An overview of the course

This course is a comprehensive introduction to Canadian accounting and tax, which bridges the gap between theory and practice. Working closely with business owners has helped us design a training course that matches their business priorities. Our accountancy course is a complete package of information, advice, and guidance, so you should be sure that every single piece of advice you will get from our coach will be the latest, accurate, impartial, and best for your accounting career. 

Course Details

04 Modules + Resume + Experience + Job Support = 01 Course

4 Modules


  • In QuickBooks, enter transactions.
  • Perform Bank Reconciliations.
  • File HST
  • Use clearing accounts to be efficient.
  • Separate your income and expenses.
  • Create a Year-End Trial Balance
  • QuickBooks Software:


  • Closing Books of Accounts
  • Year-End Adjustments
  • Produce financial statements
  • Perform assurance
  • Pay Attention, Readers!
  • Statement compilation is carried out.
  • Software: Caseware, Case View

Corporate Tax

  • Tax treatment of dividends
  • The taxation of passive income
  • Recordings of Capital Gains
  • All Tax Schedules for Canadian Controlled Private Corporations
  • Filling of the Corporate Tax Return
  • Cantax, Taxprep

Personal Taxes (T1)

  • The fundamental tax return
  • T2125: Business Earnings
  • T776: Rental Earnings
  • Capital Gains (Section 3)
  • Tax rules
  • Software: Cantax, Taxprep, Ufile

Resume Writing

  • Mock interview
  • Sample questions and answers
  • Interview preparation tips
  • Shoot-out within our network for placement
  • On the job troubleshooting and guidance

Interview & Job Support

  • Make your resume look professional and according to the North American standard.
  • Put the skills that you have learned from the accounting, bookkeeping, and tax courses on your resume. 
  • Use the correct keywords so that your resume is shortlisted by the hiring software.

Every Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

1020 Brevik Pl, Suite 08, Mississauga, ON, L4W 4N7

Full Package-1 Month | CO-OP Package-3 months, 4 months, or 6 months

Who Will Benefit from the Course?

Accounting is hot, but if you want to move into the field without getting burned, it’s important to choose the right training course. Filing taxes offers you more than just an accounting traineeship. We offer you a dynamic environment, challenging work, as well as exposure to a wide range of accounting, audit, tax, and advisory services. You’ll also benefit from a meaningful training experience, a range of social activities, and the opportunity to shape your career—because you are more than just an accounting trainee. Our course best suits:

  • Newcomers to Canada are struggling to "bridge" their international qualifications and experience with Canadian experience and employment.
  • Individuals seeking a second career in the accounting profession
  • Individuals looking for on-the-job training to gain practical knowledge, improve professional skills, and advance in their careers.

How will you benefit?

  • Develop an understanding of Canadian accounting principles and tax law.
  • Enhance your business communication skills by acquiring practical business knowledge.
  • Develop your business computer skills by working on different accounting software.
  • Gain relevant work experience with our qualified and experienced tutor, who himself is the owner of Filing Taxes. He has years of Canadian experience in accounting and taxation. 
  • Job-oriented accredited practical accountancy training
  • Our job-specific training enhances your digital accounting capabilities, where our in-house industry expert accountant helps you. 
  • Our programmes are unique and flexible. We provide both classroom and online learning options; our timetables suit your lifestyle.

Why Tax Filing Accountancy Training?

Practical Training: In addition to theoretical workshops, our course includes practical, experiential training that will give you real-world practise and ensure that you’re ready to use it in your job. The unique feature of our course is that you get to practise with real office files that come from our accounting firm. These are the same files on which you will work at your job. This is our key success factor, which helps our trainees stand out from the crowd.

In-Demand Software Training: Our Accountancy training course combines globally recognised accounting software like Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks with industry-specific skills. Our proven approach has been designed to get you competent, qualified, and job-ready. We provide variety and versatility to allow the youth to enjoy the experience of practical learning while maintaining an unwavering commitment to providing excellence in all areas of technological advancement in the accounting profession.

Outstanding Student Support: We provide trainees with one-to-one support during the training to learn efficiently. The trainer is focused and committed to providing each trainee with the support and guidance they need to improve their professional skills and lead towards employment in the accounting sector. We will work with you on all the aspects needed to achieve your training and career goals. We conduct regular performance reviews to make sure you are always ready for the job hunt. We provide job support even after you are hired. As this is your first job in Canada, you will face new challenges every day. We at Filing Taxes stand behind our trainees and resolve your job-related queries at no extra cost. 

Accounting Training by an Actual Accountant: You will be trained by a qualified instructor with industry experience. He makes sure you get the best expertise and real-world practical skills. He offers you a unique blend of knowledge and practical accountancy training. The solution will prepare you as a job-ready candidate to perform multiple accounting job roles. Our high-caliber and qualified accountant will help you with practical, real-world accounting knowledge and skills you use from day one on the job.

Our apprenticeship programme combines on-the-job practical training while acquiring accounting knowledge. You will work with experienced staff, gain job-specific skills, earn a wage, and receive benefits like holiday pay. Our apprenticeship programme covers a broader range of industries and sectors, and you’ll get first-hand knowledge of how the industry works. 

Accredited practical accountancy training : Filing Taxes will prepare you to effectively perform specific job roles in accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and taxation.You will gain knowledge and learn job-specific skills. 

Learning skills from a professional mentor: We support who you are, as you are, and empower you with the resources and experience that set you up for success from the start. We offer a 30 minute session to understand your personal situation and guide you accordingly. Before you start your journey in the accounting profession, it is advised that you meet the successful professionals in their field and seek their guidance. Grab the opportunity to learn from mentor Salman Randhawa, who himself is a successful individual on this journey. He will provide honest insights and personalised advice to help you launch your career.

Regular Performance Reviews to Identify Learning Gaps: Our expert recruitment consultancy team evaluates the compatibility of your on-program skills with a deep focus on current and future industry demands and we tailor/update our curriculum accordingly. Through training and development, this helps us to meet our targets and "bridge the gaps" to achieve your goal. When you finish the training at KBM, you are fully prepared and ready to get the job you want.

Regular Job Market Awareness Sessions: Job market awareness is vital for individuals entering the job search. Our expert recruitment consultants conduct regular job market awareness sessions to boost the commercial awareness of our trainees. Hence, we have an incomplete understanding of the skills needs and must stay current with regular/latest job market information and always remain in consultation with employers. We keep ourselves closely informed about human resource demands.

Professional CV and Interview Preparation: We support each candidate in preparing a professional CV to boost employability. A magical CV helps you receive a lot of interview calls and get your desired job. We use the best CV templates and keywords that employers search for while shortlisting candidates. Before going for interviews, our trainees attend a mock interview with one of our senior accountants. I have personally hired more than 30+ employees, and I know exactly what an accounting firm looks for and prepares you for the way they want to hear and see.

Concerned about the cost of your education?

Our course is priced competitively in comparison to other training providers. It's reasonable, and there are no hidden charges.

About Us 

Each year, thousands of immigrants encounter daunting barriers in their attempts to find jobs that are meaningful and appropriate for their qualifications, training, and work experience. Among these barriers are the non-recognition of foreign credentials, linguistic difficulties, limited networks, and a lack of "Canadian experience."

Our vision

We aim to help immigrants succeed in Canada by providing the information, training, inspiration, and connections they need. Newcomers to Canada and newcomers to the accounting profession find and create opportunities to fulfil dreams and participate fully as citizens.

Our Mission

As an immigrant to Canada, I faced the same problems as many of you are facing right now in finding your first job in Canada. I can fully relate to your problems and concerns. Hence, I have dedicated a training platform at my accounting firm – Filing Taxes – to help newcomers achieve their life, career, and financial goals in Canada. 

Our promise

Finding and securing a well-paying job in Canada may take time, and it might seem slightly challenging, but it will get easier, and you’ll feel more confident as you equip yourself with various resources. Get the most up-to-date and relevant information, resources, and tools, personalised to match your unique Canadian journey – all in one place. More and more employers are looking for candidates with both academic achievements and work experience, and that’s exactly what Filing Taxes can help you with. The Canadian Filing Taxes course can offer you plenty of real benefits for progressing in your accounting career and landing your first accounting job in Canada. Our students know exactly what to do to start doing the job without needing any training or hand-holding.